Ticketing System

Our online ticketing system enables your customer to select the theatre, performance and THEIR OWN seat at the touch of a button(or mouse). The system requires payment at the time of booking seats, thus reducing the nasty financial side of ‘no shows’.

Our system has built in reports which allow you to monitor bookings and manage your ‘yield’ for each show and/or production. As each ticket is purchased we invite the customer to stay in touch with us for information on future productions and events.

When a booking is made, the purchaser receives a bar coded ticket which they present at the theatre door.

Checking customers in for a show is simple with our purpose designed APP. This uses a portable scanner to verify the ticket and then displays in an IPhone or Ipad, all the reports you need. E.g. Who has arrived and who is still to arrive.

Our ticketing system allows more than one production, more than one venue and all with multiple showings along with a variety of ticket prices to suit those who offer waged or unwaged, adult of child, etc.

Our ticketing system is available for hire for your production, school ball or formal and any other special event where added security and professionalism is required.

For more information please send us a message on our contact page, and we will be happy to assist.