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Items for Hire

Title Description Hire Price Enquiry
Stanchions with red velvet rope Gold Stanchions with red velvet rope. For $25 plus gst, you will be able to hire two stanchions with one 1.5 metre red velvet rope for a hire period of 48 hours. If you are in the Christchurch area we are able to bring these to you and pick them up again. For the full set which includes four stanchions each side of an enterance creating a 4.5 metre walkway or barrier, or a 9 metre if you only require one side with stanchions, $100 plus gst. From $25 plus gst
Dark Red carpet A darker red carpet, this is a great carpet for entrance ways from the outside as it is a coarser/hard wearing carpet, as opposed to the normal plush carpets from $30 plus gst
Elements Set elements-10 (1200x2400) flats TBA
Door Working door in flat 1(1200x2400) TBA
Window Window with/without glass in flat 1 (1200x2400) Set elements 4 (300x2400) Set elements 2 (600x2400) TBA
Dance floor Dance floor with underfloor controlled lighting total floor coverage is 3000x3600 but can be combination of 1500x120 From $650 plus gst
Smoke machine Smoke machine TBA
Radio system Stage managers mobile radio system(4way) TBA
Cigarettes, electronic Cigarettes, electronic TBA
Ticketing system Online Ticketing system, TBA
Director Director, film and theatre TBA
Production manager Production manager TBA
Lighting design Lighting design TBA
Producing Producing TBA
DVD recording, editing and production DVD recording, editing and production TBA
Torches Torches for ushering TBA
Low level lights Red n blue low level back stage pathway lights TBA

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