Dying For Some Art

  • 13-Apr-2023 to 22-Apr-2023
  • The Performing Arts Centre, Heaton Normal Intermediate

The owner of a small independent art gallery is struggling to keep it open due to rising costs and lack of sales. He is desperate to obtain a famous artist’s work in the hope of increasing patronage, but in the meantime he is forced to display his own children’s paintings, passing them off as great works.

Meanwhile a group of six visitors, including a German tourist and an undercover detective, arrive for a tour of the gallery. One of the party reveals she owns a valuable Colin McCahon painting. The woman is subsequently murdered, with suspicion falling upon several of those present, all of whom have a motive to do her in.

The bumbling detective tries valiantly to solve the case amid a background of greed, lust, deception and feigned grief; until a twist in the tale resolves everything.