Good Grief

  • 01-Oct-2020 to 10-Oct-2020
  • The Performing Arts Centre, Heaton Normal Intermediate

When retired lawyer, William, inherits the management of his recently deceased wife’s Community Charity shop he thinks it is a bit below him. This is reinforced for him when he meets the dysfunctional charity shop staff – the sweet peacemaker Sylvie, the community choir enthusiast book keeper, Malcolm and the sarcastic, rude 83 year old, Margaret.

The staff try their best to make a good first impression but in doing so only prove to William just how ineffective and incompetent they can be together. What begins with an awkward introduction quickly escalates to a crisis, when the staff discover a package of marijuana in a box of donated goods and inadvertently conceal it in William’s briefcase.

When William discovers the contraband he makes for the nearest Police Station; with no regard for the consequences this might have for the Charity shop of those whose lives depend on it. Confronted with some home truths about his relationship with his wife and the origins of the package, William has to choose whether to acknowledge his wife’s legacy or keep his oath to uphold the law

Good Grief is a fast paced New Zealand comedy about a man that comes to terms with his grief through the help of the most unlikely of people