Audition Dates/Times

Sunday 17 July 2022



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Required Characters

The Manager:

Unshaven, slightly unkempt, cardigan wearing creepy guy.  In his forties, a loner, unsmiling, doesn't talk much



A smart business woman in her early thirties.  Usually confident and determined but very nervous about the plan she has come here to action



An attractive male prostitute in his early 20's. At times cocky and at times surly, typical of generation Y. At heart, a nice sincere young man.



A salt of the earth, working class man in his late sixties. A little cantankerous, but kindly and devoted to his wife. Harry is dying and in constant pain.



A meek, warm-hearted woman in her late sixties. A lifelong housewife, she has always been totally dependent on Harry emotionally and financially. She is uncomfortable in the modern, technological world and terrified of being on her own.



An affable, genuine chap in his late thirties/early forties. He is cheerful, optimistic and positive - a real people person



A confident, outspoken and slightly abrasive business woman in her thirties. Used to getting her own way.



In her fifties, she is wealthy and well presented and well spoken.  A socialite who enjoys the status and lifestyle provided by her executive husband.