Audition Dates/Times


Saturday 22nd January 2022


  • 10.00AM- 12.30PM


  •  2.00PM – 4.30PM 



Please register your interest in auditioning to receive a script and an audition time.

Required Characters

PLEASE NOTE: On or prior to Friday 21st January 2022 we require confirmation of you being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or proof of a medical exemption to proceed with your audition on the 22 January 2022, thank you for your cooperation.


PAM:                         President of the gardening club. Sensible, intelligent. Courteous, pleasant. Patient. Likable.


ELIZABETH:              Former High Court Judge. Snooty but getting dementia. Posh accent. Only really gets on with Maureen. Immaculately dressed. Jewellery, makeup. Careful with money.


MAUREEN:              Loud, confident, forthright. Speaks her mind. Appears unfeeling, matter of fact. Friend of Elizabeth. Former club president. A bit of a stirrer.


ESME:                        Club secretary and treasurer. Timid, slow, hard of hearing. Short stature. Classic little old lady. Speaks slowly.


NIGEL:                       Formerly transgender. Camp but not overdone. Natty dresser. Tight. Generally positive person.


ALEC:                         Hard case. Good sense of humour, witty. Joker. Sensible. Pragmatic. Widower. Falls for Sandra. Tidy dress.


SANDRA:                  Attractive. New club member. Down to earth. Normal. Widow. Is taken with Alec.


REVEREND:              Presbyterian Minister. Supercilious. Pompous. Snobby voice. Not overly intelligent and is completely taken in by the stupid Detective. Fawning.


DETECTIVE:              Very confident. Enthusiastic. Speaks quickly. Believes himself to be a super sleuth but is in fact an idiot. Sloppy. Unshaven. Does not wear police uniform. Trousers and shirt. No tie. Likes trying to guess people’s star signs