Shanice Adair

About Shanice

Shanice returns for yet another show under the directorship of Craig, with CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS, and what a show it is! After taking a step back earlier in the year, and being on front of house, she feels much better being back where she belongs, on stage!

Performing for as long as she can remember, it has always been a passion. Whether it be lining up the family in the yard to watch her one- man shows, or managing to host every possible event at primary school, such as Wearable Arts and speeches, right on through to a very active stage presence in Christchurch since 2008.

Shanice has always been most comfortable in front of people! This show has been an absolute blast, and I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as we enjoy putting it on for you!

Special mention to Faith, our wonderful make up artist, who managed to make the youngest actor at age 24 (me), look middle aged!