Pene Maddock


About Pene

I have been involved in amateur theatre for approximately 14 years working back stage as well as on stage. Each production is unique and brings with it challenges that you know must be overcome to produce the show that audiences see.


Overcoming those challenges is the addictive part of theatre, and audience applause is the reward.


I still feel relatively new to the directing role so I have appreciated the encouragement, guidance and support that everyone involved in this production has offered. The CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS team has been fantastic to work with and, for an amateur theatre group, are very professional.


The cast of Spreading Out is a mix of experienced and novice thespians, each bringing with them their interpretations of their characters and each willing to expand their interpretations. It has been great seeing the talents and confidence of the less experienced actors grow and credit must be given to the support and encouragement of the more seasoned actors. It has been fantastic to work with this enthusiastic group of people.


I hope you enjoy this show that we, as a team, have enjoyed preparing for.