Debbie Hattan


About Debbie

I am once again very happy to be working with my second family CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS

“Taking Off” is a very apt title for a play for me to perform in, as two days after closing night I am literally “taking off” myself with my family to Europe for a well earned holiday.

I have been performing in various productions in and around Christchurch for a number of years and every year when trying to “learn lines” wonder why I do it to myself!

I do it because it allows me to give the people who come to see the production a chance to just relax, chill out and enjoy a laugh and a good night out with friends (which is exactly what I love to do).

Once again I am delighted to be performing with my amazing best friend Amanda and also the lovely Pene and Sarah. Such fun!

Big thank you to Ray, Craig, Ali and the team at CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS who are an absolute pleasure to not only work with but to also enjoy a good laugh with.

Thank you “the audience” for supporting your local theatre so we can continue doing what we love!