Audition Dates/Times

Sunday 22 April


Monday 23 April


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Required Characters



Cantankerous.  Serious about the “mental” game.  Doesn’t suffer fools.  Has to have the last word and is right about everything.



Never worked.  Raised 3 kids.  Homemaker.  Bored.  Depressed and lonely.  Always trying new diets for her ongoing tummy problems.



Jovial joker.  Suave and snappy dresser.  Proud to be the “James Bond” of the club.  Hates that he’s getting old.


Florence (Flo):

Go with the flow, Flo”.  Very easy going.  Meek.  Petite.  Agrees with everyone and happy to just let life happen to her.



Puny.  Meek and mild.  Cheerful and enjoys a good laugh.  He’s Pam’s little Chihuahua.



Flamboyant, colourful, loud and into Salsa and amateur dramatics.  Sings a lot and loudly.  Wears leopard print and drives a convertible.  Feels like a teenager.  Large, buxom, domineering and loves that Archie plays golf because it stops him from getting under her feet.