Audition Dates/Times

Saturday 20 April 12pm-4pm


Sunday 21 April 2pm-4pm

Please register your interest in auditioning to receive a script and an audition time.

Required Characters

Please note the age of the characters is for "on the stage purposes", so if you are older or younger than the specified age please still audition as between makeup, hair and lighting amazing things can be achieved.


LISA GREEN (Mid thirties – early forties)

Lisa is a suburban housewife who spends her lonely days at home watching day time American soaps and drinking. She is a jealous, hypocritical and insecure person with an incredibly over-active imagination and a drinking problem.



Owns her own beauty salon and is very good at what she does. Always up with the latest tacky styles. Pregnant to her husband Caleb of two years. An attractive, sweet, very naïve person with a temper.


SHARON McPherson (Mid thirties – early forties)

Housewife with five children happily married to Shane. Has a big happy laugh and is a very loyal and supportive friend. A bit rough around the edges – but that’s part of the charm. She spends a lot of her spare time on Google.


ROXIE RUDDLE (Early thirties)

Attractive, confident, outgoing and humorous. Moved into the neighbourhood recently. Relates well to men and is never short of boyfriends, fiancé’s or husbands. A bit of a flirt.


LEO GREEN (Mid thirties – early forties)

Mechanic. Married to Lisa. Big, stocky, grumpy Kiwi bloke, with a deeply hidden sensitive side. A serious man, to the point and honest. Would rather ignore Lisa’s behaviour than confront it.


CALEB HUTCHINGS (Mid twenties)

Electrician. Married to Chrissie. Old fashioned ideas about marriage and the way it should work. Tends to act before he thinks. A good but heart but lacks maturity. Sensitive and easily led, looks up to Leo and Shane. Not the brightest kid on the block


SHANE McPherson (Mid thirties – early forties)

Plumber. Married to Sharon. Another true blue, Canterbury shorts wearing, kiwi bloke. Loves his sport. A man of few words, but a good sense of humour. A private man. Loves his wife.