Dave Murray


About Dave

My interest in theatre had its beginnings at senior school when our English Teacher (who also took music and drama) decided that we would gain more out of learning Shakespeare if we enacted some of the pieces he was trying to drum into us.  One had no choice, he cast who he thought would suit what part. It was fun to do and he then decided we should do a school concert, including a nativity play.


After leaving school a friend took me to a group who were producing Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.  I appeared in the chorus in few productions such as , 'Pirates of Penzance' and 'HMS Pinafore'. Service in the Royal Marines, marriage and young children took my interest for a time.

Coming to NZ in 1967, i became involved with a modelling agency and started doing advertising shoots and TV commercials, promos, etc. TVNZ were producing a few dramas and jobs as extras were always going.


A move to Australia in 2000, living in an over 55 village, i joined a very active group producing variety shows, plays and pantomimes where i became very active, producing and even re-writing a pantomime to give it an Aussie flavour.


Back in NZ i did not think about theatre too much until i heard about CAS'n'OVA PRODUCTIONS and 'Dad's Army' and i thought why not?

I hope you enjoy the show